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What is Fine Art?

Traditionally in European academic tradition, “fine art” is visual art created to enjoy and appreciate for its aesthetic beauty. It is created by fine artists who make work that is purely for its pleasing aesthetics. Traditionally these artists have attained great skill or accomplishment in their expertise.  It is distinguished from graphic/commercial art, and from functional arts such as pottery and weaving, or the decorative arts such as the interior of buildings. 

As the definition of “Fine Art” evolves over time, we at Artistic Honors strive to create art from this traditional definition.

Below you will find examples of Fine Art created by a few of our artists. Included you will see samples of cityscape, animals, florals, abstract, portrait, figure, sky scape, still life, and Plein Air landscape. (Plein Air painting is the practice of painting outside in the open air. They are painted a little more loosely to capture the light and open air of the moment). These paintings show examples of watercolor and oil paintings. 

Schedule a meeting for a full presentation of artists, paint mediums, painting surfaces, framing options, sizes, and ideas to represent your company and values. 

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What is "Fine Art"?: Pro Gallery
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